Engineers and architects are continually discovering the economic benefits and freedom that concrete precast design technology can deliver. 

Precast panels are designed, pre-fabricated and then delivered to your site when you are ready, saving both valuable construction time and space. Enterprise Precast panel technology can produce many sizes, shapes, materials, finishes or architectural features - all at extremely competitive rates, through resourcefulness, consultation and incorporation of all inter-dependent trades. 

Enterprise Precast offers a complete range of services for its precast panels:

  • Estimation and quote clearly detailing contractual terms along with technical assistance, and advice. 
  • Detail of projects based on architectural and engineering drawings and designs. 
  • Manufacture in controlled conditions, undercover on steel tables.
  • Transport of panels delivered to site on specially designed trailers. 
  • Site erection. 
  • Post erection works including grouting, caulking and welding. 
  • Bracing of panels supplied and removal.